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State Johor

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Kampung Minyak Beku is a seaside village lying on the west coast of Johor, Malaysia. Kampung Minyak Beku is where the famous chiseled rock is located, a big rock about ten feet in size (beside the police station). The big rock was chiselled by the Siamese (Ayudhya) to contain fresh water. It was said the Siamese soldiers came here by boat to attack Malacca but was defeated by Tun Perak back in the 15th century. The chiselled rock became famous where it later replaced the name of Bandar Penggaram to Batu Pahat.

The road from Batu Pahat town, ends aburtly at Kampung Minyak Beku. One can find about 3 or 4 shops selling basic refreshments. Small jetty of sort, and the beginning of which has a stall selling "the days" catch. Fair number of fishermen with their boats, available for hirer. For a small fees, one can get a return journey to the small outcrop island of "Pulau Silju", about 1 km down the coast.

A brand new visitors center is being built there, and expected to open in 1Q10.

Approximately 8km away from Bandar Penggaram,Batu Pahat, capital of Batu Pahat district.

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